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Zielgruppe - KI generiert mit Bing Imgage Creator

When I talk about my “Kiel 1242” project, the question always comes up: Who is the program aimed at? How do you define your target group?

Actually, this question was not relevant for me at the beginning. I assume that all people who are interested in the Middle Ages and the city of Kiel at that time – that will have to do!

I now realize that it doesn’t work that way.

“Kiel 1242” is not a game

Basically, it doesn’t make sense to define the target group using the negative formulation – no game. But I find this aspect relevant. Gamers are currently the largest market and computer games generate more revenue in Germany than the drug trade (source: Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2022). It remains to be seen whether such a comparison is meaningful. The fact is: you can earn a lot of money with computer games.

My main criticism of computer games in general and medieval games in particular is that they are almost exclusively about fighting and war. Even in the economic simulations of the Middle Ages like “Empires and Tribes ” – which I actually work on – I have to bash someone’s head in at some point.

In addition, medieval clichés are usually only used and my objection: “There are no pews in the Middle Ages!” – is dismissed with: “But that’s what customers expect”.

To cut a long story short, “Kiel 1242” is not a game – but it provides a playful introduction to the history of the Middle Ages using the city of Kiel as an example.

Musiker - KI generiert mit Bing Image Creator
Musiker - KI generiert mit Bing Image Creator

Target group: People who are interested in the Middle Ages and would like to take a look at various aspects of this era: Everyday life, language, work, music, church and more.

People who like to broaden their educational horizons "playfully". However, they want to look beyond the mere consumption of popular scientific content (Terra X, etc.) without having to devote themselves to highly scientific treatises.

Zielgruppe - KI generiert mit Bing Imgage Creator
Zielgruppe - KI generiert mit Bing Imgage Creator

“Kiel 1242” is edutainment

Edutainment is made up of the English terms “education” and “entertainment” – it’s a portmanteau word.

I understand this to mean that learning content is conveyed in an entertaining and, above all, emotionally meaningful way.

Ohne Gefühl geht gar nichts! Worauf es beim Lernen ankommt. Der Vortrag macht deutlich, dass nur dann etwas gelernt und nachhaltig im Gehirn verankert werden kann, wenn es auch unter die Haut geht, wenn der Lernstoff für den Lernenden also bedeutsam, d. h. emotional aufgeladen ist.

“Kiel 1242” is an invitation – without pressure to succeed – to wander through the historically and scientifically accurate depiction of the Middle Ages. Several aspects can be taken into consideration: